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gabi vogel

Reality Check

Gabi Vogel

Hi! My name is Gabi Vogel. My Capstone project is called Reality Check: Then Vs. Now. The whole purpose of my project is to try to encourage people to take a moment out of their day and reflect on what is currently happening around them. For example, what are you currently feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching? This is all part of reflecting on your present. However, through my personal understanding and my research, we can get so overwhelmed with getting caught up in what is happening we often forget to take care of ourselves. Our physical, emotional, and mental health should always come first. With this, I also want to remind you that your present will soon become your past. You will become stronger for it. Your past is not your present. Your then is not your now. My main components to show my project is a journal I designed to help people focus on their present and word art of my past. So, I hope with my project I can encourage you or remind you to take a moment to help yourself. Reflect and Focus on your Now.