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victoria galloway

Brain Break

Victoria Galloway

Brain Break is a concept app and activity book. The design concept is to provide students with short-term stress relief activity ideas that shift focus from stressors to relaxing activities. Studies have shown relaxing activities help keep the mind sharp.sta, Morgan DePena, Danielle Lyon, Aina Gonzales, Christy Rambo, Jenna Dutton, Zoe Boehl, and those who choose to remain anonymous. Each of the contributors are artists and/or business women in their own right.

College students navigate schoolwork, athletics, jobs, financial struggles, effective time management, and social expectations. As these demands inevitably pile up, they take a toll on students’ mental and physical health. College students need to be able to pause and catch their breath to avoid burnout, which can lead to undesirable grades and a weakened immune system. Brain Break provides a variety of exercises and resources to take a step back from stressors and reset the mind.