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LEGO: Batman Series

Lego Batman

Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The LEGO: Batman Series is a videogame that focuses on the tasks of Batman fighting bad guys, with Joker being one of them. In the LEGO: Batman Series Joker has kept his iconic appearance; green hair, purple suit, and his menacing smile. Although Joker is a known villain, in the third installment of the game series Joker teams up with the Justice League to fight an even bigger villain (“The Joker”). By doing this the game creators and the game itself foster the modern idea of sympathizing with the villain. For example, the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood has almost always been depicted as this evil creature. Though, in recent years more stories about the Wolf have been written, these stories have shown the Wolf in a kinder more gentle light. By doing this authors and game creators make the villains audiences have been expected to hate seem as though they have a heart. With Joker fighting alongside Batman in Robin to defeat a higher evil, it leaves audiences wondering, how bad could Joker really be? Only more recently have writers and producers start showing iconic villains and even regular villains in a more accepting light.

When audiences play this game they can become confused in how they should feel about Joker being good. As said by Linda Hutcheon in A Theory of Adaptation, “But in the games there is none of the films’ security that the protagonist will prevail; that insecurity or tension is, of course, part of the fun for the players” (Hutcheon, 50). What Hutcheon is saying in terms of Joker, is that there is no guarantee that he will act as a “hero” for the rest of the game. So the question is, will he be good, or revert back to being bad? The only way to find out is to play the video game.

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