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The Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime

Just One Bad Day

Credit: DC Comics

This comic book series was published during 1975-1976 and is solely based around the Joker and his battles with his enemies. It’s a fairly short comic series consisting of only nine volumes. It’s titled “The Clown Prince of Crime” because it’s one of the Joker’s many nicknames and refers to his criminal and threatening actions. The comic portrays him as a pure villain: menacing and violent without any regard. He is also portrayed as a psychopathic criminal mastermind with a twisted sense of humor. Regarding appearance, he is given the iconic look of a purple suit, green hair, a white painted face, and red paint to emphasize his evil smile.

Due to comic book code authority, the Joker was made out to be a goofier character in the 1950’s comic, but in this particular comic they changed back to his darker and more criminal like roots. The Clown Prince of Crime captures the true essence of the original Joker, including his dangerous personality and antics. At the time the comics were published, the Joker was in his prime stages of being depicted as a notorious villain and criminal. The comic stays true to the origin of his character to provide its intended audience with the villain they knew and have grown to love. As time passes and trends change, we can see from this comic series that we still wish to depict Joker as his true self, which is the ultimate villainous criminal he has become popularly known for.

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