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Just One Bad Day

Just One Bad Day

Artwork Credit: Derrick Chew

In this piece of artwork, a scary and intense Joker is depicted. He is clawing at his own face while this vicious smile is plastered across his face. What can be learned from this painting starts with the title Just One Bad Day. The title is referring to the quote from the comic book called Batman; The Killing Joke by Alan Moore; “All it takes is just one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That is how far the world is from where I am. One. Bad. Day.” What the Joker is saying is that he is just a culmination of bad days. That anyone can become him after a bad day, he is not that different from everyone around him. So as insane as Joker looks in the painting, the title suggests that most are just one bad day from becoming him. The fact that the Joker is also clawing his face while smiling alludes to the fact that pain has no effect on him, even if the pain is inflicted on himself.

This medium used to show the Joker brings a lot of emphasis to his eyes, mouth and hair. These are some of the qualities that Jokers overtime are most known for. What is most noticeable when looking at the painting is the smile. The Joker is known for always laughing and keeping things light hearted while doing his acts of violence. His eyes in the painting also seem to follow whoever is looking at him. His eyes are green in the painting, matching his iconic green hair.

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