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Joker (2019)

Joker 2019

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The most recent film gives Joker a complex backstory regarding mental health issues and abuse. He suffers from bipolar disorder and the film portrays how badly he is treated by society solely because of the way he acts as a result of his illness. This ultimately motivates his violent outbursts and spontaneous actions throughout the film. Joker can’t get the medication he needs, so he is forced to cope with his problems and even learns to laugh at his own trauma along the way. He is the prime example of a damaged, harmless human that has turned dangerous. In the movie, he has the look of the original Joker with green moppy hair, a white painted face, and red and blue face paint to accentuate his overall “clown” look.

The film provides the audience with a serious and complex backstory by showing the struggles Joker faces. The incorporation of mental illness into the storyline is fitting with society today because it displays just how serious it can be and the negative effects it can have on someone. It overall brings awareness to mental illness in general. By making Joker more complex in this way, the audience is able to understand what people with mental disorders go through and why they may act a certain way. This ultimately allows the audience to empathize more with the Joker as well. Overall, these additions to his character show that as time passes, we want more than just a villain deemed as “bad”. We want to be able to sympathize with our loved and known villains by incorporating complexity and depth into their character.

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