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Batman (1989)

Just One Bad Day

Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment

At the time that Batman was released audiences were looking to be impressed by a new Joker. Many had been disappointed with the 1966 Joker and wanted one that was truer to the comics. Jack Nikcolson’s Joker is considered to be one of the best, as many Jokers that followed looked to him for inspiration. What made his Joker so timeless is the fact that he was so true to the comic book Joker and the backstory that he was given. In the movie the audience is shown a man named Jack Napier who is supposed to be Joker before he becomes Joker. The backstory he is given harps on the idea of giving villains a story to make them seem more human so the audience can sympathize more. Although the modern idea of sympathizing with the villain can be seen, the mental health of Joker is still not shown in the light that modern Jokers’ possess (Hanna).

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