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Morgan Foell

Project Name: Plants Can Replace Plastic

In a world full of plastic and trash, it is hard to imagine life without it. Even I admit I use a lot of plastic. Plastic is everywhere we turn, but I believe that we don’t need to produce anymore plastic. What we need are more materials that won’t stain the Earth with their filth. There are tons of alternatives that we already have that could be used instead of plastic. Of course these materials can’t replace every item, but they could be used for products that are deemed to be disposable. The posters I created bring light upon a few materials that are not only eco-friendly, but most products made from them are compostable. People might know what they are already, but for people who don’t, I hope this gets their attention and gets them thinking more about the waste they produce and interested in learning more on how to make their life more eco-friendly. We have to take it one step at a time, and even changing one thing could make a difference. I tried to make the posters eco-friendly too, by reusing paper from old sketchbooks and note books, also using less ink by printing only the subject the writing the information on the poster by hand.

Morgan Foell is a junior Graphic Design major with a minor in photography graduating in December 2021.

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