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Michelle Eckhardt

Project Name: Unapologetically

Growing up I have dealt with a lot of hate for what I look like because of my weight. Seeing all these magazines and advertisements everywhere I go of what the “perfect body” should look like really affected me growing up. So, how might we use graphic design to promote Body Positivity? This is the question I propose to solve with one publication Unapologetically. Unapologetically is a beauty magazine addressing body positivity and showing people it’s okay to be “unapologetically” you. This magazine is being used to spotlight every body type in their own way, embracing the definition of being truly body positive in each issue. With every issue there is a different spotlight “body type” while not singling out anyone. This magazine uses real stories for real people talking about the hardships of just living their daily lives, while also giving people advice at the same time all in a beauty-centered magazine publication.

Michelle is a senior graphic design major and the Vice President of the AIGA on Stevenson. Branding is Michelle’s passion as well as layout design which she is incorporating in her capstone.

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