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Jazmine Utley

Project Name: Exploring Color Culture

Culture is part of color. In a design, since color is a powerful element, it can be the first strategy used to tell a story for your client and audience. Colors hold a powerful meaning to connect clients to design together. Culture can influence what a group of people sees as good design, poor design, or just plain boring design. The way cultures communicate and keep their culture alive is by storytelling, frequently with color. Like designers who use color palettes to describe the personality of a brand.

The purpose of my project is going back to what color means to different cultures and not just our own. Color culture is the symbolic meaning of color for different people with different backgrounds. It is important as a designer and a human to respect and value other's cultures, which can reduce cultural barriers and create more cultural awareness. What we might see as a harmless, beautiful color of red could mean a higher standard to an African tribe/community. Exposing ourselves to different cultures can help us view life from a different perspective.

During my research of finding color connection, I found the top three important topics a lot of cultures used to show who they are: political views or statues, religious groups, and symbolic meanings.

Jazmine is a senior Graphic Design major who loves working on logos, posters, and illustration designs. Her career goal after college is to work with small businesses to make a powerful brand for themselves or work with a music company to make album covers and posters for them. Jazmine's passion for posters designs is actually a big part of her capstone, titled Exploring Color Culture. Her capstone talks about color psychology,the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior, but takes it a step further. She includes three key topics of culture: Religion, Political, and Emotion. Also includes the different colors hues in her design. After much research and narrowing down, she’s added 27 poster designs for the exhibit to teach everyone the color importance/awareness in a specific culture.

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