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Harris Ryder

Project Name: Artificial Emotion

After experiencing trauma in the past, I had decided to shut off my emotions in order to prevent future pain. With this, I became quite robotic. Looking back on that juxtaposition, I asked myself the question, “if a robot ever did have the capacity to experience human emotions through a program, would they do what I did and uninstall that program entirely?” The problem with this, however is that trauma wouldn’t be stored in a program itself. Trauma imprints something within us that rewires the way we interact with the outside world. Even without the capacity to feel, the trauma will have made its mark, and it would be our metaphorical hard drive that would be effected — not an individual program. Artificial Emotion is a project that explores this idea, and lays out a potential animated series, with a storyline and characters that tackle trauma.

Harris is a senior Graphic Design major.

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