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Blair Allen

Project Name: VIBE

Music is one of the most universal ways of expression in human life. It can stir powerful emotions, transport us back in time, and even be used as a tool for healing. The average person will spend 13 years of their lives listening to music; that’s roughly 27 hours a week and it doesn’t count the time you spent searching for desired tracks or music discovery.What if there was a more intuitive way to find music or play an ideal song for those moments you need it without searching? VIBE is a conceptualized music app that will automatically curate playlists using behavioral biometric algorithms. In a nutshell VIBE will compute your mood. Then based on analyses, it will play and organize music for that moment. VIBE gives you theme music for your life! Click Here to Visit the Website

Blair is a senior who will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. He has a passion for being in the heart of the design process and getting the job done. Blair has been researching behavioral biometric algorithms that could make it possible to compute your emotion. His finished capstone is a conceptualized music app that will automatically curate playlists based on how the app thinks you’re feeling. The technology would use facial recognition, bpm movement tracking, and deep learning to generate a preferred music profile for the user. Then based on that user's computed emotion the app will play the appropriate music to theme your moment. The app even has the ability to pace the music with your actions and movement so you’ll always stay within the beat!

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