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Alexis Jones

Project Name: Inner Glow

Inner Glow is a self–care passion project that strives to help anyone with their self–love, happiness, confidence, and growth. Through practice of positivity for yourself and others, there then comes change; that change is your inner glow. There are two publications created by Inner Glow, Weekly Positive Affirmations and Daring the Doubt. Weekly Positive Affirmations is a zine to help you practice speaking positivity into your daily life. Each affirmation is your own personal mantra for the day. Daring the Doubt is a 30 Day challenge journal that dares you to practice self–care and kindness everyday. The goal is to provoke change through daily practice and create a better, kinder, and happier version of yourself. Change happens slowly and from within. Make moments in each day to spread positivity and every action will help spark your inner glow.

Alexis is a senior Graphic Design major and Photography minor. Interested in brand and identity, Alexis hopes to work for a studio specialized in branding after graduation. Titled Inner Glow, Alexis’ capstone project is about aiding in and tending to self-care. Inner Glow consists of a zine titled Weekly Positive Affirmations and a daily challenge journal titled Daring the Doubt. Each challenge is daring you to spread positivity and kindness to yourself and others.

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